Sometimes VS Some time VS Sometime –What’s the difference? | English speaking Lesson

Sometimes VS Some time VS Sometime –What’s the difference? | English speaking Lesson to speak fluent English sometimes-some-time-sometime-difference-english-speaking-lesson/

This English speaking lesson ( ESL lesson) will help you to understand the usage of the three words sometime, some time and sometimes. These Common English words are often underestimated but one should not do that and be sure of the correct usage of these words while writing English.

When you use sometime (one word), it refers to an unspecified point in time. It doesn’t refer to a span of time. It refers to some point in time which we are unsure of.
• I’ll finish reading the book sometime.
• We’ll announce the launch date sometime soon.
• I hope I get to watch a good movie sometime soon.

Some Time: Two Words
• When some time is two words, it refers to a span of time or a period of time. 
• It will take some time to finish the project.
• I need some time to work on my interview skills.
• We’ll have some time left for shopping before the movie starts.

Sometimes: One Word
Sometimes is a one-word adverb that means “occasionally” or “now and then.”
• I take the stairs instead of the elevator sometimes.
• It’s good to take a break from work sometimes.
• Tim goes to the park sometimes.

So that is how you can differentiate between these English words and use them correctly in your day to day English speaking conversation. Please make sure you go through to the information thoroughly and use these words as and when required.


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