10 Facts you didn’t know about Steve Jobs & Apple – The untold Story - Motivational Video

10 Facts you didn’t know about Steve Jobs & Apple – Steve Jobs untold Story - Motivational & Inspirational video 2017


We all know the story of Steve Jobs, the man who revolutionized modern technology, and made it touch our fingers with his wonderful creations for which the world would remember him for centuries. However, there are a few facts about Steve Jobs you don’t know that would shock you. 

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Learn about the real Steve Jobs with these 10 facts.

1. Steve Jobs was an adopted child.
2. Jobs was always bullied at school. 
3. Jobs was a college drop out. 
4. Steve was a Zen Buddhist.
5. He experimented with psychedelics.
6. Jobs was fired from Apple 
7. He denied paternity of his daughter Lisa Jobs.
8. He was one of the youngest people, to make the Forbes list .
9. He made Google change the yellow gradient in its "O" .
10. He is buried in an unmarked grave.


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