07 Colour Idioms to improve your English Fluency | English Lesson Niharika | Speak Confidently

07 Colour Idioms to improve your English Fluency | English Lesson Niharika | Speak Confidently


Life is colourful and in English, we have idioms related to colours that will improve your English fluency and make your speak English confidently.They are fun to learn and easy to use.

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1) Born with a silver spoon - Someone who is born into a rich family. Has all the wealth and privilege.
Example - John can afford to go to the medical college, he was born with a silver spoon.

2) To catch someone red handed - To catch someone doing something wrong or illegal or private.
Example - I boyfriend is cheating on, so she is planning to follow him and catch him red handed.

3) White lie - Innocent lie to protect another person's feelings.
Example - We told Sharon that her chicken pie was delicious, which was actually a white lie.

4) Tickled pink - To be very pleased or delighted by someone or something.
Example - I was tickled pink to receive flowers from my husband.

5) Yellow-bellied - Someone who is extremely timid or coward
Ron is yellow bellied and is never willing to fight for what is right.

6) Talk a blue streak - To talk too much and rapidly
Example - She talked a blue streak all night long.

7) Black sheep of a family - A person who is a disgrace to a family or a group.
Example - Sam is a black sheep of the family. He's always in trouble with the cops.


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