08 Invisible Job skills to get successful in your career – Skillopedia – Improve your confidence

08 Invisible Job skills to get noticed at work. – Skillopedia – Improve your confidence & personality.

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Did you know that job skills are not just your abilities relating to your actual job or work description? In this Skillopedia you will learn a secret-everything you do at work is a skill. How you talk to people in the cafeteria during your breaks is a skill, your ability to help a co worker with his work is a skill, and your ability to remember your boss’s birthday is also a skill. In fact, something as simple as encouraging a stressed co worker is also a job skill. 

These little things feel very unimportant, very tiny and even unnecessary, but these simple “invisible” skills shape up big careers over time. Whether you’ve just started working, or whether you’ve been working for years, you need to improve these little skills in order to be likable and successful in whatever you do.

Watch the video and see what these invisible job skills are.


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